Catalog of Validated Oncogenic Mutations
Last update: 2018/01/30

Compiled inventory of mutations in cancer genes that are demonstrated to drive tumor growth or predispose to cancer. This was retrieved by combining the data contained in the DoCM⁠ (PMID:27684579), ClinVar (PMID:26582918)⁠ and OncoKB⁠ (PMID:28890946) databases as well as the results of several published experimental assays and additional manual curation⁠ efforts. We also considered as oncogenic the mutations reported to increase sensitivity to targeted drugs included in the Cancer Biomarkers Database of the Cancer Genome Interpreter. Germline variants found to predispose to cancer, which we retrieved from the ClinVar (PMID:26582918)⁠ and IARC (PMID:17311302) resources, were also included. The aggregation of the data includes (among others) the harmonization of the syntax of variants and the cancer type taxonomy (referred as "cancer" when the specific tumor type of the observation is not available) across the different data sources to guarantee the interoperability of all the resources that form the Cancer Genome Interpreter. Contradictory data (i.e. a variant stated as oncogenic and neutral by different resources) was flagged and filtered out. The content of each of these resources is licensed under the following terms: DoCM license, ClinVar license, OncoKB license, IARC license and Cancer Biomarkers database license.